Pumpkin Pie and Chai Tea Nightcap

Spicy Chai Tea Latte drinkmemag.com drink me 3 Spooky Food and Drink Pairings

If you’re like me and like your slice of pumpkin pie fully submerged under a small mountain of whipped cream, there isn’t much that can make that slice more enjoyable, but pie-nally there’s a way to take it to the next level: a hot mug of spicy chai. Add splashes of cream, honey, and gin to the tea for a delightfully complex spice palate, with pepper and coconut from the chai, cloves from the pie, and juniper from the gin all coming together in an amazing union of flavor indicative of the season. Treat yourself to a decadent evening of pie and libation this Halloween to keep those inner-demons at bay!

Caramel Apples and Apple Whiskey Sour
Apple Whiskey Sour drinkmemag.com drink me 3 Spooky Food and Drink Pairings

Move over carnivals and county fairs, Halloween is our favorite caramel apple season! Though dipping apples into molten sugar is essentially life’s perfect experience, enjoying that soft sweetness followed by that crisp crunch can only be made better by enjoying the boozy kick of a whiskey sour. I suggest using Jim Beam Apple to unify those orchard flavors and drive home the decadence of fall. Enjoy the fruits of your labors after a long day with this tartly sweet pairing to embrace the spirits floating around you.

Halloween Cake and Autumn-Spiced Irish Coffee
Autumn Spiced Irish Coffee drinkmemag.com drink me 3 Sppokky Food and Drink Pairings

What’s a Halloween party without a cake made in the spirit of the season? Whether shaped like a ghost or Jack ‘O’ Lantern, a Halloween cake ought to be a staple at every gathering in October. Take your normal recipe to new heights by adding generous amounts of orange zest and almond extract to the cake batter, truly opening up the flavor potential of this fluffy treat. Don’t stop at just the cake, treat your guests to a fall-spiced Irish coffee. Seasoned with dashes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, this hot delight will send your palate to the Autumn woods with orange and red leaves fluttering to the earth, their audible crunch beneath your boots. A sweetly savory combo, cake and coffee have never tasted so wonderfully scary!