Expand your horizons and get a taste of Slovenia. Fresh, fruity, and approachable Puklavec & Friends Winery knows the good things in life should be shared and enjoyed with company. Such a philosophy is seen in every bottle produced.

Their newest endeavor includes a dynamic duo of wines from their family vineyard. You can expect these wines to be bright and full of sunshine, the vineyard  gets a plentiful 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. Their 2016 Sauvingnon Blanc/Pinot Grigio is a bright and ripe fruity blend with a peppery finish that is optimally enjoyed with a fresh arugula salad or a cured meat platter. If you’re looking for a more authentic wine, the famously regional Furmit is a dry and citrus blend that compliments the Sauvingnon Blanc/Pinot Grigio very well. The Furmit is made from Puklavec’s 2015 exclusively handpicked grapes and historically gets its name from the fermentation process that gives Furmit a white-golden hue. Amp up your worldly view and try Puklavec & Friends sophisticated 2017 releases.

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