Negroni Week may come and go, but the classic Negroni is forever. We believe that every week should celebrate this iconic cocktail (ideal for hot summer days and cold winter nights). Here are some riffs on the Italian staple below created by top mixologists from around the country.

Restaurant: Parkwoods

Beverage Manager: Darius Naderi

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The Riff: Parkwoods’ Nergoni is served on tap, pre-batched by Beverage Manager Darius Naderi, making it a go to cocktail on busy summer days for instant gratification.  

Restaurant: Grey Ghost Detroit

Beverage Manager: Will Lee

Location: Detroit, MI

The Riffs:

  • Classic Negroni: London Dry Gin | Campari | Sweet Vermouth
  • Negroni Sbagliato: Campari | Sweet Vermouth | Sparkling
  • Negroni Sour: Gin | Campari | Sweet Vermouth | simple | lemon | egg white | bitters
  • Hawthorne Negroni: Hawthorne infused gin | Campari | Sweet Vermouth
  • Mezcal Negroni: Mezcal | Campari | Sweet Vermouth

Restaurant: Bar Beau

Restauranteur: Claire Chan

Beverage Consultant: Grant Wheeler

Location: Brooklyn, NY

The Riff: The Bar Beau Negroni is made with J. Reiger Caffe Amaro, Cocchi Torino, Campari, Maraschino Liquor, Old Raj Gin, and a Grapefruit Twist. Coffee and Cherry liqueur play really well off each other and add an interesting backbone that complements the Vermouth and Campari. Bar Beau uses a High Proof Gin infused with saffron to cut through the body, and serve it up so that no flavor gets diluted. 

Restaurant: Oak Bar at The Hermitage Hotel

Beverage Manager: NAME

Location: Nashville, TN

The Riff:

The Oak Bar Negroni is made with Empress Gin, Carpano Bianco, Aperol and Plum Bitters. Served in a rocks glass, the Empress Gin delicately floats on top and is garnished with an orange peel.