Longevity is the first word to spring to mind when we consider 1800’s specialty tequila Milenio Extra Anejo. First refined with an extra long aging process of 4.5 years in American bourbon barrels then finished for six months in French cognac barrels, the resulting tequila made from 100% Weber Blue Agave is long on character, complexity, and depth. A wine-conjuring nose that calls to mind berries and leather is a nod to the cognac the barrels housed previous to their agave occupancy. The layers of peppery agave alternate on the palate with rich caramel, warm vanilla, red fruit, and spicy underlying hints of cinnamon and cloves. Full-bodied but easy to sip, we recommend savoring this long-lingering spirit as its agave-adoring creators intended-as neat as an obsessive compulsive’s bedroom. Even the bottle is elongated, elegantly and appropriately rising above surrounding anejos to reach the lofty heights of excellence in agave. At long last.