When you take a distillery known for whiskey since America’s early beginnings, you know it’s going to be damn good. Match that with the fact that the distillery has been certified as a National Historic Landmark and you begin to realize you’re onto something truly special.

Buffalo Trace Distillery has long been known for their bourbon, rye, and vodka, raking in over 300 awards since just 2000 alone. Their pioneering passion continues to grace the palates of whiskey lovers near and far; with the launch of their most recent tipple, Buffalo Trace causes even more taste-bud excitement – something new, something daring.

Introducing the E. H. Taylor, Jr. Seasoned Wood, a whiskey with barrels like no other. Before construction each barrel had its staves either bathed in a unique bath solution and dried to the perfect humidity or seasoned outdoors for just the right length of time. This process has been combined with a special wheat recipe to produce a whiskey that is entirely something new with revolutionary American style.

Your nose elates as you discover subtle traces of rich caramel and syrupy preserved fruit. Upon touching your lips, the whiskey’s pronounced notes of sweet creamy butterscotch, walnuts, citrus, orange rind and even a little kick of clove leave you salavting for just another sip. The finish calls the tannins into play derived from the oak aging. This truly unique and sensational experience will be available soon–keep your eye out!