Award winning mixologist and author Douglas Ankrah has decided to bulk distribute his Douglas Pornstar Martini called the Pornstar Cocktail. This martini includes all the go-to flavors of drink makers alike mixing 100% passion fruit purée with vodka and fresh vanilla, some mixologists would either top the drink with a bit of bubbly or more likely serve some prosecco on the side. Though not a very naked cocktail, this one is definitely a starlet and perfect for your friends that are getting tired of the brain freezes while drinking too much frozé rosé during your late summer parties.



Pornstar Cocktail - The Classic

Passion fruit
Pornstar Cocktail
Vanilla sugar

Float one half of a fresh passionfruit over your glass of Pornstar Cocktail™ and dust with vanilla sugar.

Make it a spritzer with the addition of your choice of bubbles!