The drink of the summer has arrived. Aluna Coconut is a sublime blend of rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean, which have a tropical feeling provided by the toasted coconut flavors and a fraction of the sugar found in existing brands. Aluna is set to appeal to a new generation who look for better, lower sugar products while also actively seeking mind, body and spirit satisfaction, further connecting to the world around them. The brand itself promotes that notion: Aluna translating ‘to the moon’ and the label adopts a lunar phase mandala design, which is a spiritual symbol for the universe.

The Guatemalan rum is made of virgin sugar cane ‘honey’ (miel de caña) and has a light and smooth taste with floral, fruit aromas and subtle natural sweetness. The Caribbean rums in the blend add firmer, classic rum notes, a little heat and toasted natural coconut flavors to give new taste dimensions. After marrying, Aluna is cut with coconut water for an amazing smooth and clean finish. This summer, freeze some coconut water in an ice cube tray, pour Aluna over them and have a taste of paradise right at home.

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