Here’s a little treat for our cocktail mavens.

Continuing to add creativity and innovation to the world of drink, Teeling Whiskey recently decided it was time to create a series of cocktail video’s based on their much loved whiskies. We’ve tried a couple of these wonders out and have to say, we’re really impressed, although it’s not surprise, this is Teeling we’re talking about.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be showcasing a variety of these tutorials alongside full recipes and instructions, so you can make these wonders from the comfort of your very own home. No fuss, no hassle, just simple ingredients you can pick up from your local grocery store and the rest is complete and utter ease.

We start off with somewhat of a fiery bang, as we introduce you to the Souring Inferno. So grab that bottle, get set, and impress – its time to start Teeling good.