Who wants to proper all of the time?  Take that tradition and throw in some zing with these delicious bottles of sophistication with a side of quirky!

Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Devil’s Cask Small Batch Release
Bowmore Drink Me

Location:  Islay, Scotland
Alcohol: 114 proof
Score: 96 Pts

Seductive, intricate, and sassy. Its charismatic mouthfeel and complex flavors of smoke, nectarine, vanilla flower, and old leather linger on the palate as nuances of dark cherry, birch wood, and rich chocolate form a sexy encore. – JA

Glen Garioch – ‘Virgin Oak’ Single Malt Whisky
Glen Garioch Virgin Oak Drink Me

Location: Highland, Scotland

Alcohol %: 96 proof
Score: 94 pts

Harboring no skeletons in the closet, this unveils complete purity with scents of succulent pear, peach, toasted wood, and rich malt. Syrup-like viscosity and notes of ginger and orange lead to a long spicy finish. – JA

Auchentoshan – ‘Virgin Oak’ Single Malt Whisky
Auchentoshan Drink Me

Location: Lowland, Scotland
Alcohol: 92 proof
Score: 95 Pts

Cozy and comforting to enjoy by a fireplace, it resembles warm cider with expressions of spiced apple, vanilla, toasted caramel, and candied ginger. A long finish of campfire smoke perfects its round velvety texture. – JA

Moody June – American Dry Gin
Moody June Drink Me

Location: Smithville, Texas
Alcohol %: 84 proof
Score: 92 Pts

Letting you know who is boss and doing it in style, its perfume takes you on a stroll through a juniper forest in the summer with dried lavender, lime juice, mint leaf, cardamom, and a glamorous zing. – JA