The Montanya Barrel-Aged Horchata Imperial Porter may spring from the imagination and fermentation tanks of Colorado’s Elevation Brewing Co. , but this creamy, rum-tinged brew also brings to mind Mexican spices and the flavor of the Caribbean. Now a bold addition to Elevation’s Double Diamond Series, the beer is an offspring of its award-winning Señorita Porter given proper time in white oak barrels supplied by the namesake distillery. From the corked bottle, this beer appears as black as a night in the Rockies under a neat cappuccino-colored head. The spirituous smell of rum announces itself upfront without overpowering subtle hints of vanilla. Despite the 11.5% alcohol content, each sip is smooth and silky. Accents of sweet milk and cinnamon linger through the rich chocolate character of the malts and the slight hop bitterness. The kiss of the rum is gentle and mild. It begs to be paired with dark mole or jerk chicken. But even if it’s enjoyed on its own, this unusual offering is a decadent treat and a testament the talent of its mile-high creators.
115 Pahlone Parkway
Poncha Springs, CO 81242
(719) 539-5258

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