Chicago has long been known for producing some outstanding beers, with its solid reputation for breweries and brew masters alike. With that said– we travelled over to Chicago’s Goose Island, to see what all the fuss was about and do a little review of the brews on the scene that we felt were worth your knowing about! Sip, savor, enjoy!


Goose Island, The Ogden

Type: Triple
Location: Goose Island Chicago IL.
Alcohol ABV%: 9%
We Scored It: 92 pts

Thinking of summer rain can brighten a cold winter day Hoppy but not too, warm rye bread & tangy orange marmalade make this a four season treat!


Goose Island, Gillian

Type: Farmhouse Ale
Location: Goose Island Chicago IL.
Alcohol ABV%: 9.5%
We Scored It: 95pts

A laser sourness blossoms into peppercorn, rose & rock candy. NJ has an amusement park called Gillian’s and this beer will give you one enjoyable ride!