From the mysteriously diverse island of Madeira is an unquestionably amazing arsenal of fortified wines.  Where floral elegance and complex power combine, here are six of the top productions from this breathtaking island.

Rare Wine Company

What: Historic Series Savannah Verdelho
Score: 95 Pts

Like a southern belle this unveils charming aromas of candied peach, toasted brown sugar, and sweet prune. On the palate it puts a little muscle into it with smoky ambiances of tobacco and volcanic minerality. She sure is a keeper. ­ –JA 


What: Terrantez 1988
Score: 97 Pts

Like a perfect spring day this expresses notes of dried lavender, candied walnuts, dates, and cinnamon. Fresh acidity still lingers in this vintage Madeira as its complexity shows dried apricot and ashy pepper.   –JA

Henriques & Henriques

What: Single Harvest Boal 2000
Score: 93 Pts

This eclectically articulates a nose of dried black fig, orange peel, pecan, and curry powder. Its medium sweetness and zippy acidity pave the way for its sweet flavors of crème brulee and dried blackcurrant on the finish. –JA

Rare Wine Company

What: Historic Series Baltimore Rainwater
Score: 96 Pts

A perfect potion to cozy up with on a tranquil rainy day, this offers a perfume of pink rose, green fig, plum, and toasted hazelnut. On the palate is crisp acidity and flavors of raisin, sweet onion, and a long nutty finish. –JA


What: 10-Year-Old Malmsey
Score: 93 Pts

A dried fruit medley of blackcurrant, sultana, and plum rises from the glass alongside floral essences of honeysuckle and lavender. Flavors of smoky pepper beef up the sweet notes of cinnamon and toasted caramel. –JA


What: Colheita Malmsey 1996
Score: 94 Pts

Like smelling a freshly baked pie this unleashes aromas of poached peach, candied grapefruit, caramel, clove, and nutmeg. It further indulges the palate with marzipan, vanilla oil, pecan, and a long indulgent volcano smoke finish. –JA