What is a wine center? It’s a place where you have everything for your wine needs outside of the bottle itself.

The Waring Pro Wine Center consists of an electric wine opener, two stoppers, and a wine preserver. This wine center is perfect for those of us busy folks who often want to quickly open a bottle after working late, but then only end up drinking a glass or two before falling asleep.

It comes with a foil cutter too, so you don’t have to worry about nicking your finger while opening your favorite bottle, anxious for that first sip.

This package also comes with a base for charging your wine opener, so it will be ready to go for those times when you’re too tired to find the traditional bar blade hiding behind all your corks in the wine drawer.

And, of course, the wine preserver is great. With it, you only need to take a few seconds to get your bottle sealed air tight before crashing in bed.

Sleep soundly. Your wine will be just as good tomorrow.