The usual tea making process includes many steps that require your attentiveness in order to achieve the optimal steeping time and without that, the tea could end up too strong or not strong enough. Sage Appliances has taken all these usual tea-making concerns into consideration and drafted up a smart kettle. Now officially available, the Tea Maker is the world’s first fully automatic tea maker. No more having to constantly monitor the bag in the piping hot water.

The Tea Maker has been programed to brew for exactly the right time and at precisely the right temperature leaving the tannins intact. Simply select your tealeaves and place into the mesh filter. The filter is automatically lowered into the water and back up when done for easy disposal. There is also a programmable ‘start’ feature and the Tea Maker can keep your freshly brewed tea warm for up to an hour. This is the perfect must-have gift this holiday season for that tea lover in your life.

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