The Taylor/Wakefield legacy started in 1969, when Bill Taylor Sr. and sons, Bill and John, purchased land along the Wakefield River in the Clare Valley. Their vision and purpose was to create the most successful family-owned wine company in Australia. Known as Wakefield Wines in the northern hemisphere, Taylors Wines now includes the next generation of Taylors, namely, Clinton, Justin, and Mitchell. Together, they are using progressive standards to shape the future of the winemaking industry. This includes the way wine is grown, as well as how it is served.

According to research, experts agree that serving wine at the right temperature can maintain its proper aroma and flavor. For red wine, the optimum temperature is between 53.6˚F-64.4˚F, while white wine is best served between 42.8˚F-53.6˚F.  To help consumers get it right, Wakefield invented Optimum Temperature Drinking Labels for both its Promised Land and Wakefield Estate wines, which can indicate whether the proper degree has been reached with a quick swipe of the thumb. These proved so popular that they are now available as stand-alone stickers that can be adhered to any bottle. Consumers are also encouraged to try the Wakefield Temperature Challenge, which enables manual temperature adjustments within half an hour. Participants will receive a set of temperature-sensitive labels completely free of charge.

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