The Tramin Winery produces intricate and complicated tasting wines, but the history behind the winery itself is equally fascinating. Tramin has been around for 127 years, when it was developed by a member of the Austrian parliament named Christian Schrott. The winery compounds grapes from 290 growers, and they are proud of the fact that a single bottle of their wine has hundreds of stories poured into it through the touch and hard work of so many harvesters.

The headquarters of Tramin Winery houses a Gewürztraminer, which is similar in appearance to a standard green house. This apparatus allows the vines at Tramin Winery to experience a constant absorption of light, which ripens the grapes to a delectable degree. This structure intentionally blends with the gorgeous scenery, and it is crafted from wood, iron, and glass. The

Gewürztraminer even has an extension for visitors, if you are lucky enough to tour the vineyard. During your visit you are also able to taste their entire wine collection, so sip away and savor the stories of each artist who has composed the wine you are sipping upon. Happy drinking!

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