Jack Daniel’s has been closely combining two great American traditions—whisky and basketball—since 2017, when the popular brand helped kick off the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.  The collaboration was such a success that they decided to bring the spirit of Lynchburg, Tennessee to Los Angeles for the 2018 kick-off.  Featuring two pop-up attractions, the Lynchburg General Store will meet your needs with Miss Mary Bobo’s Bakery, the Charcoal Mellowing Bar, the Gentleman Jack Barber Shop, and the Lynchburg Travel Agency, while House No. 7 will provide two nights of music and mayhem with NBA legends, live music, and a taste of the Lynchburg lifestyle.  Amenities include a game room, members-only access to the White Rabbit Saloon, late-night room and beverage service, air conditioning, free color TV, extra feathery pillows, and the bounciest beds on the West Coast.  Book your reservation before it’s too late and discover the House’s secret location!

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