Situated off the north coast of Scotland towards Norway where the North Sea merges with the Atlantic Ocean are a set of distant islands known as Shetland. The islands encompass a truly natural, wild world complete with picturesque rugged beauty and a wide and changing spectrum of enchanting colors. Due to the oceanic environments, Shetland experiences breathtakingly harsh winter storms and entrancingly short summers. These conditions allow four hundred plant species to flourish in a protected and isolated area untouched by the regular hands of people.

Shetland provides the perfect array of handpicked botanicals for the folks at Blackwoods Gin who are daring enough to venture into the unpredictable islands. Each year’s harvest is determined by which plants are readily available. Shetland’s transcendent atmosphere is continually captured in each Blackwoods spirit—Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin 60%, Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin, and Blackwoods Botanical Vodka. The distinctive yet subtle flavors bring a calming wildness back into the soul.

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