Known for producing vintage single malt whiskies, Glenrothes of Speyside Distillery introduces a trio of new non-age single malt expressions grouped together in The Reserve Collection. They are a blend of rare and limited vintages fused together to achieve perfect harmony to produce distinctive whiskies. In the finality of their respective maturation processes, each was given a final product character to set them a part from one another.

The Sherry Cask Reserve is a first for Glenrothes. This all first-fill sherry cask was matured predominantly in European oak creating a diverse array of flavors including the standout resinous and dried fruit character. Deliciously creamy, the Sherry Cask Reserve will have you craving those soft spicy and fruity notes time and time again.

The Bourbon Cask Reserve is exclusively matured in American oak refill bourbon casks and let to rest in the warehouse. The relationship between whisky and cask allows the delicate flavors of vanilla, citrus, and floral notes to be pulled and incorporated into this light and subtle expression.

The Vintage Reserve best epitomized Glenrothes philosophy on its vintages. Vintage Reserve is only bottled once the whisky has reached its peak of maturity. This new expression combines vintages from 10 different years to create a balanced whisky with mature experience and vibrant youth. With a slew of appeasing flavors, Vintage Reserve is that true vintage experience.

Choose one or all three. Glenrothes has delivered with The Reserve Collection.

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