Psst, yeah you, over here! No, here behind the coats. Yes, that’s right. Is the coast clear? Yes? Okay, let me explain. I’m undercover so keep a look out.

My friends over in Seattle created me to look like a coat hanger to the naked eye, but should you be granted with my secret, I have a little surprise for you. They need some help though to bring me to consumers. Good Hangovers is a start-up company who recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in hope of fundraising $50,000. Where is this money going? Good Hangovers quests to develop home décor that delivers a modern and stylish flare for the craft beer connoisseur.

Who am I, you ask? Well, I suppose I can divulge my true identity. I’m a fully functional beer tap complete with three faucets disguised as a custom coat hanger. Brilliant! Imagine me (in cherry, mahogany, oak, rosewood, teak, or walnut) displayed on the wall of your man cave and the look on your friends’ faces when they discover I can fill their glasses. Priceless, that’s what I’d say. But, I can’t become your new residence without your donation. Backers receive certain rewards depending on their donation amount (any amount helps!). So please allow me the opportunity to gift you the best hangover in return for your support.