With a unique loveliness we can’t decide whether to place on the shelves of the Museum of Science or the Museum of Modern Art, the vaguely art deco design of the Trinity One Coffee Brewer simultaneously calls to mind a laboratory beaker and a an avant-garde sculpture. The brewing device hints in its glass, stainless steel, and black walnut curves that you’ve discovered something different in coffee making. A marvel of brewing innovation whose beauty lies in its simplicity, this is a brand new creation released by the Australian brew aficionados this month. Referred to as “a Swiss army knife for caffeine” by The Smith Journal, the Trinity One combines multiple tried and true brewing methods including cold brew, pour over, and press to create the perfect steaming cup of exquisitely prepared java. The flow is controlled by the filter head, efficiently designed to accomplish three procedures—steeping, cold brewing, and drip stoppage. Making an excellent housewarming gift for the snootiest brew connoisseur in your social circle, the Trinity One releases its first production run this month. Caffeine lovers rejoice worldwide.