Ask Vieng Oudom what he loves the most about wine and he’ll tell you: it’s that no two bottles are alike.

Relishing in the unique qualities of each bottle of wine, Oudom—a mechanical engineer from Portland—sought to make wine cellars in which no two would be alike. As a result of such passion for wine and unique craftsmanship, Sommi was born.

At Sommi, Oudom and his team handcraft wine cellars using wood sourced directly from the Pacific Northwest and tailor encasements to complement the interior of each cellar-owner’s home.

Inside beautiful craftsmanship are the hallmarks of brilliant engineering including a high-quality insulation and cooling system and a sturdy, universal wine rack.

Serious wine lovers who enjoy rustic furniture can have the Sommi built to order and shipped to their US home. Expect to pay for the custom craftsmanship though. Furniture pieces from Sommi start at around $8,000. Of course, if your treasured wines are already valued in the thousands, then maybe you’re ready to invest in their home too. sommi wine cellar drink me