The hot weather this time of year can make us all crave something crisp, sweet, and refreshing. There’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of white wine out on the patio or by the pool. Let us help you refresh your taste buds this summer by trying these top 5 sweet white wines.


Cypres de Climens
climens drink me sweet

Region: Barsac

This wine offers flavours of white fruits, flowers, citrus, lime, honeysuckle, blossom, apricot, mint, and a hint of soft spices. The elegant blue label wrapped around the bottle enhances the golden color of the wine. Almost like drinking sunshine in a glass!



Petit Guiraud Sauternes
Petit Guiraud drink me sweet

Vintage: 2015
Price: $24 – $51

This lovely dessert wine is full of all kinds of tropical fruit flavors such as mango, papaya, passion fruit, and overripe pineapple. It stands out by its elegance and airy sugary content. Floral, feminine, tasty, and light, this wine cures any sweet tooth.


Chateau de Rayne Vigneau Sauternes
Rayne Vigneau 2016. drink me Rayne Vigneau

Vinage: 2016
Price: $53

This delicious Sauternes has a wonderful balance of freshness and sweetness. It is round on the nose with flavors of mango and apricot and its floral notes linger on the palate for a long time. It has a wonderful balance, good density, and a nice finish, drink while young.


Chateau de Ricaud
Ricaud Loupiac 2014 drink me sweet

Region: Loupiac
Vintage: 2014
Price: $36

This smooth, sweet wine has a beautiful golden color and is filled with aromas of honey, apricot, citrus, and white peach. It has notes of orange peel, enhanced with hints of vanilla and a very good balance of sugar and acidity with a long and fresh finish.


Chateau Roumieu Lacoste Sauternes
Roumieu Lacoste drink me white

Vintage: 2010

This sweet dessert wine has an aroma of honeysuckle with an added touch of spiciness. Filled with amazing flavours of rich honeyed apricot with a dash of spice. This super luxurious sipper goes great with any caramel dessert.