New York sure is a city filled with excitement and oppurtunities. Known for having a large range of foods, it should come as no surprise New York also has a great selection of beers. Here’s our top five suggestions for New York-based beers.

All Green Everything
All Green Everything drink me Top New York Beers

All Green Everything is an exemplary triple IPA. It’s incredibly refreshing, packed with complex flavor, and boozy at 10.5%. Pine, citrus, and malt scents invite a healthy sup where a malt backbone offers a creamy base, and pine, floral, and orange cream abound as complementary tastes. The booze is well hidden by the creamy mouthfeel, gentle carbonation, and sweet, natural flavors. All Green Everything is a delicious brew that stands apart from the tropic IPAs in the category, with its own citrus, grapefruit, and pine bent.

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Even More Jesus
Even More Jesus drink me Top New York Beers

To fans, Even More Jesus has achieved the rank of god tier among stout beers A brilliant execution of the coffee beer archetype, this brew swirls with malt, chocolate, and rich coffee flavors. The palate is sweet but short of oversweet with a creamy, velvety mouthfeel, and a smooth finish. A drinkable but complex and developed stout.

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Choklat drink me Top New York Beers

Choklat, as its name would suggest, is a stout that’s dominated by chocolate. On the nose you’re greeted by the scents you’d expect with a hot chocolate beverage — whole milk, dark chocolate, hazel, and cinnamon. On the palate, dark chocolate is the basis of the flavor, with roasted nuts, and roasted malt helping to mask the 10% ABV. If you’re a fan of chocolate and beer, this is your brew.

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Imperial Biscotti Break
Imperial Biscotti Break Beer drink me Top New York Beers

This imperial stout features a great mélange of flavors, making it’s character difficult to pin down in writing. To start, cinnamon, habañero peppers, vanilla, and notes of earthy coffee greet the nose. Then, the flavor becomes more complex. The body is made up of a chocolate, malt, vanilla, and coffee core, with fruit, licorice, and almond notes to fill out the palate. For 11.5%, this brew is a bit thin on the mouthfeel, which is disappointing to some, but preferred by others. Either way, Imperial Biscotti Break masks its booze well.

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Flower Power
Ithaca Beer Flower Power drink me Top New York Beers

A zesty, refreshing IPA, Flower Power is the perfect beer for a hot day. With a hop-forward profile, this beer packs a fun, astringent kick that’s balanced by the sweet and natural flavors of grapefruit and pineapple. Far from saccharine, Flower Power ends in a dry, bitter finish that demands you return for another sip of hoppy, refreshing fruit immersion.

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