When you think of the words “Liquid Cashmere,” what comes to mind? Luxury. High quality. Elegance. Sophistication. Just like the Viader Napa Valley estate itself, Viader’s Liquid Cashmere is everything lavish and more. From 1,300 feet on the Eastern slopes of the Howell mountain, this ruby red wine was created- granting us all access to experience the luxury of cashmere from the inside.

The berries that composed Viader’s Liquid Cashmere were small, yet packed a high-quality punch that offered a great balance of sweet red and blue fruits, with hints of floral notes. Smooth, and seamless; there’s no question as to how the title of this wine was developed. Macerated in concrete and stainless steel fermentation casks for 20 months in 70% new oak barrels in Viader’s underground caves, Liquid Cashmere was aged to eloquence.