Hardy bourbon drinkers and those who are new to this distinctive spirit can relish at the fact the drink comes in a wide variety of prices. While hefty bourbons can cost a pretty penny, there are some delectable lower to mid range bottles suitable for sipping. Check out our recommended bourbons for under $75. Affordable and tasty.

Woodford Reserve
Woodford Reserve drinkmemag.com drink me Top Bourbons under $75

Described by Entrepreneur as “The Elon Musk of Whiskey”, Chris Morris’ passion project for nearly two decades has been perfecting Woodford Reserve Bourbon.  Breathing Woodford Reserve bourbon can instantly transport you back to summer camping trips; honey, oak, and graham cracker. The bourbon is sweet, tastes of honey, vanilla, and citrus. The rugged tobacco and pepper finish is the perfect end to it all; bracing, comforting, smooth.

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Basil Hayden’s
Basil Hayden's drinkmemag.com drink me Top Bourbons under $75

Based as much on Kentucky bourbon traditions as it is an artful rejection of them, Basil Hayden’s bourbon isn’t afraid to break what some might consider the ‘rules’ of distilling bourbon. Basil Hayden’s pours from the bottle the color of fresh honey and bears the inviting scent of peppermint and tea. This carries to a gentle, spicy bite with a clean finish. Rules were made to be broken.

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E.H. Taylor
E.H. Taylor drinkmemag.com drink me Top Bourbons under $75

Produced by the ever-excellent Buffalo Trace Distillery, E.H. Taylor, Jr. Single Barrel Bourbon may be a mouthful to say, but make no mistake, this is a bourbon meant for sipping. Sweet and spicy with the balancing mellowness of tobacco, E.H. Taylor is a refined and thoughtful reflection on the man it’s named after, the art of making bourbon, and the very act of drinking itself.

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Widow Jane
Widow Jane drinkmemag.com drink me Top Bourbons under $75

Made from the limestone-filtered waters of the mine which bears its namesake, Widow Jane Bourbon is a full-blooded New York whiskey, but is more than comparable with its Kentucky cousins. With a rich front of fresh-cut wood, citrus, and spice, Widow Jane Bourbon takes you back to the smoke-filled backroom bars speakeasys of America’s prohibition era. It’s smooth, it packs a punch, and you’ll keep coming back for more.

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Angel’s Envy
Angel's Envy drinkmemag.com drink me Top Bourbons under $75

Stationed in the heart of Louisville, Angel’s Envy is showing distillers that great bourbon doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Handcrafted in small batches and finished in port barrels, Angel’s Envy Port Finish is a rich amber bourbon with notes of fresh maple, vanilla, and raisins. Its sweet finish stays with you, and slowly fades away; like drifting on a cloud.

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