We are in the midst of summer. I don’t care how old I get or how adult I seem: summer will forever be a time to party with friends, forget responsibilities, and try something new. Whether that “something new” is wearing those shorts that show a little flab or not getting yelled at by your boss today, there’s always something to celebrate if your look hard enough. I did all my laundry today — 6 loads — and now I will celebrate my accomplishments with a drink. How do you celebrate your summer achievements? Partying with friends? Shopping trip with your bff? Netflix with the cat? If you don’t think the last option sounds better than at least one of the first two, you’re lying.

No matter how you celebrate your accomplishments, make the most of the summer before you’re shoveling your car out of the drive at 8am on a Monday. For those of you in the warmer states, hang out by a pool, cool off in the shade, and don’t forget to celebrate responsibly with Korbel.

With a collection of 11 California Champagnes, various still wines, and a few delectable brandies, Korbel is a must-try for your summer “something new” list. Beginning in the mid-1800s, the Korbel brothers experimented with various grapes as a side hobby while attempting to keep enough work going with their lumbar business. Over 130 years later, Korbel still produces some of the finest champagnes and brandies around. Whether you like dry or sweet or somewhere in between, Korbel’s champagne will prove to be worth the mere $15.00 you’d spend on average. It doesn’t matter if you’re craving something dry with a hint of sweet raspberry or voluptuously sweet accompanied by a sniff of vanilla: there is something for everyone. Take a gander and decide which champagne will accompany you for your celebration. Don’t be too discouraged if your state is not listed on Korbel’s site, as you can pick up your very own bottle of Korbel at your local wine and spirits retailer, including BevMo, Target, and Walgreens, depending on individual state liquor laws.

My advice to you is to find a reason to celebrate this summer – big, small, personal, financial, whatever. Just celebrate something, if for no reason other than you can. And when you do give in, pop open a bottle of Korbel’s champagne, and enjoy the liquid sunlight and happiness flooding your body. Summer can be year-round if you let it.

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