We are all prideful beings and as such, we should drink our pride on the rocks; that is Till Vodka on the rocks. This spirit is made with the highest quality Kansas wheat, grown by hardworking Kansas farmers and represents the passion and honest values of the heartland from which it comes. The results: a uniquely smooth premium vodka that is distilled by the proud men and women of Atchison, Kansas.

The name of the vodka comes from the iconic tool that helped people of the heartland build a home for themselves and is therefore, a symbol of the Kansas work ethic and pride of a job well done. Being made from wheat, Till Vodka has a palate that hints of creaminess and warmth that you can enjoy in a mixed drink or on the rocks. With its smooth finish you will enjoy the spirit that’s won silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and gold at the 2016 BevStar Awards. Celebrate your everyday victories with a glass of Till; you’ve earned it!

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