Craft cocktails without too much fuss—this book is a gem.

Due to the variety of spirits and liqueurs used in this cocktail recipe book, it can be a handy staple in the kitchen that will never get tired. You can tailor the recipes to your tastes as well. No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, what season it is, or what kind of mood you’re in—Shake will supply the right recipe.

Mezcal fans will be delighted to see it used here. The mezcal recipes solidify the fact that the best part of this book is the inclusion of newly popular spirits. The instructions are easy to follow, and, as a bonus, the photography is beautiful, so it’s something to be displayed. This book will transform you into an awe-inspiring kitchen bartender for fun nights with friends.

This recipe book is clever, useful and charming. Make Shake the fresh, new book you sit alongside the classic cocktail books on your shelf.