You’re an adventurer. You explore! You discover! You look to enrich your life! But you are constantly let down by beverage containers that can’t keep up with you, leaving you with tepid hot drinks and luke-warm cold ones—or even worse: no drink, due to a leaky cap. Suddenly, that “cheers to a terrific adventure” is a sour note in an otherwise perfect day.

The Vinnebago looks to solve that problem. Hardcore enough for even the longest daytrips, it keeps hot drinks warm for 12 hours, and cold drinks cold for 25. It’s got three (count ‘em, three) layers of insulation. You can prepare your favorite drinks the way you like at the temperature you prefer, hit the trail, and be confident that when you want a drink, it will be just as refreshing as you would hope.

Other nifty features include: a wide mouth for easy filling/pouring (don’t want to spill deliciously hot Irish coffee on yourself); a sleek modern design so unobtrusive that it can fit into the water bottle pocket on a backpack (because hey, you know you booze better than everyone else, but that’s your business); and a vacuum seal cap.

Price: $29.95
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