It’s time to make way for Dave Broom’s new book, newly minted and available for purchase this October.  The Way of Whisky is a thoughtful and comprehensive exploration of Japanese whisky culture, featuring brilliant photography by Kohei Take. And it was only 17 years in the making! For nearly two decades, Dave Broom traveled to distilleries across Japan and became an expert commentator on the unique style and taste.  During this period the world-renowned whisky journalist collected numerous awards for his work and published over a dozen books, two of which won the Glenfiddich Award for “Drinks Book of the Year.” Years of research and experience in Japan eventually confirmed Broom’s long-held belief that all spirits (in this case, whisky) are tied to their cultural terroir—a philosophy the author rehearses beautifully in his latest novel.

In The Way of Whisky, Broom carefully profiles each individual distillery, interviewing the makers and discerning the exceptional flavors to boot. But the novel is not simply about the way the whisky is brewed and branded. It’s ultimately about the way Japan’s historical ideals regarding craftsmanship and art, influence whisky production throughout the country. Calling all Japanophiles, whisky lovers, collectors and all: to embrace Dave Broom’s meticulous revolution in Drinks philosophy and prose, you can pre-order the book now!