Raw Halo chocolate bars are not your average afternoon sugar pick me-up. Unlike the tempting candy at the front counter of your neighborhood bodega, Raw Halo bars are full of natural sweetness and are dairy-free, refined sugar-free and gluten-free (but certainly not taste free). Their organic cacao is ethically sourced and fairly traded from farms in Peru and grinded until silky smooth.

How is it possible to get a chocolate bar that is so delicious, so decadent, so irresistible…and good for you? Raw Halo sweetens their cacao nibs with organic coconut sugar and organic lucuma powder, which are naturally derived and choc-full (pun intended) of vitamins and minerals. While Raw Halo cuts out artificial ingredients, they offer a variety of intriguing flavor combinations like ginger + pecan, cinnamon + raisin, lemon + pink himalayan salt, as well as classics like salted caramel, mint, and crispies. Savor the guilt-free taste of Raw Halo.

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