It’s just about to hit March, the east coast is probably still covered in ice and snow and half of the USA has had some of the most miserable weather it’s had in years. To be honest, it’s no surprise this year has seen a pretty big surge of off the cuff vacations with people planning to head to wear the sun shines, and more important, where the nectar flows.

If you’re planning on being one of those people, let these short video from Cuervo Tequila serve as your inspiration to grab the suitcase from the attic and bail on the snowballs. If you’re stuck in town with no escape from what could very well be the next ice age, go to your liquor cabinet, grab a lime and some salt and drown your sorrows out while listening to this on repeat. Either way, you’re always a winner in our eyes.

Let’s start March the right way… with masses of Tequila.