The name says it all: this pousada in a tiny beachside hamlet in the Brazilian state of Ceará is all about kitesurfing. Proprietors Dani and Hacky have incorporated the motif into the very design of the place: discarded kite pumps have been transformed into table legs, towel racks fashioned from kiting bars. Each of the eight bungalows features two hammocks outside for serious lounging in the morning or evening hours. You’ll arrive from Fortaleza by 4WD and enjoy a welcoming casual hospitality. “Do you have plans for dinner?” we were asked at sunset on our first day. “Nope.” So we hopped up on the back of a dune buggy (Hacky at the wheel) for a five-minute ride down the beach into “town” (har har) to join our pousada-mates for an evening of caipirinhas, pasta, grilled fish and conversation as the stars came out above.

Prices: Double rooms $65 – $100
Info and reservations: