For a pretty penny you could have in your possession one of the finest rums around. Don Q is Puerto Rico’s number one rum and aims to release a truly decadent and luxurious bottle to celebrate a special year. After being founded in 1865, Don Q is excited to celebrate their 150th anniversary and chose to honor their success with Gran Reserva de la Familia Serrallés. This batch is comprised of hand-selected 20-year-old rums from a special location in the sixth-generation distiller’s, Robert Serrallés, oldest rum warehouses resulting in a spirit with a deep golden hue. Elegant notes of honey, mahogany, and apricot accompany the rich color that finishes with a flare of a fine, rare cognac—is your mouth watering yet?

This is the rum your dreams are made of but that your wallet may fear. Don Q delivers quality that fetches a price matching their founding year: $1,865. Also, only 1,865 will hit the shelves beginning in October, so if you’re lucky enough to snatch up a bottle make sure you savor every glorious drop.