How legal this article is will be entirely up to where you, the reader, are located. Some genius mixed two drugs together to create something magical. The art of mixing cannabis and wine has a 3,700+ year history—who knew? While this may appear to be an unpopular and potentially looked down upon substance, it’s said to have some pretty potent healing powers. In the past, it’s been used during religious rituals and as a form of anesthesia in surgical practices. Wine fortified with cannabis resin has been recorded as a powerful method in reducing pain during surgery as early as the second century A.D. in China! Its uses have never been for recreational purposes, so at least people respected the side effects of consuming this compelling concoction. While no one is necessarily or openly advising the comeback of this old practice, cannabis is thought to be one of the less dangerous additives to wine. In the Balkans there’s a market for salamander venom infused wine, while Modern Greece retsina is blended with toxic terpenes. Pot wine is only somewhat available in the States and only somewhat legal. Home brewers are the most popular source, but there’s no one recipe, so take caution. Or, try your hand at it if you can wait 9 months. Here’s a quick lowdown of the steps you’ll need to take: obtain some sort of wine kit, add 1lbs or so of cannabis into a cask of fermenting wine (the THC is extracted by the alcohol), wait your 9 months, and voila you have some special wine.


Disclaimer: I do not condone the usage or procuring of illegal substances, but do enjoy responsibly and safely