Wanting more depth in your life but not sure where to find it? Well, this red Chemin De Moscou 2015 wine from Domaine Gayda may be just what you need. Made in the Vineyards of Nom Cadastral in Brugairolles, France, this wine comes with plenty of depth and history of the town in which it was created.

The name stems from the road leading up to the vineyard called Chemin De Moscou, meaning ‘Road of Moscow’. The villagers today believe the name originated from a place where the town used to hold meetings under a huge pine tree called the Moscow Tree, or “L’arbre de Moscou”. The tree, which burned down 20 years ago due to lightening, was used as a navigation to help villagers travel to and from the town. The wine itself holds a deep violet color that expresses notes of dark fruits, spices and a pinch of cinnamon on the nose. It tastes suave and polished on the palate with hedgerow fruits that gives off an explosive yet inviting taste followed by a hint of mineral undertones.