Greenbar Distillery in Los Angeles, CA is pleased to announce a limited run of FRUITLAB Jasmine Liqueur, back by popular demand! Made from organic molasses spirits, jasmine, green and black teas, lemon, and cane sugar, it has a delicate floral flavor with a rich tea-like finish. The delightful combination of teas and citrus add depth and balance, respectively, without overpowering the strong jasmine flavor.

That perfect flavor harmony makes the liqueur an ideal additive to a large variety of mixed drinks, and the organic craft distillery has even concocted recipes to help adventurous mixers and cocktail-makers get started. From gin, rum, and vodka to whisky, sparkling wine, and even lemonade, the possibilities are just waiting to be explored. But the experience won’t wait for cautious cocktail lovers, snap up your bottle before someone else seizes the opportunity to give their taste buds a treat!

To find out how to get your hands on a bottle contact Greenbar Distillery here

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