Four men had a dream to bring pure pot still Irish whiskey back to the West of Ireland, and so Connacht Whiskey was born. The name comes from one of the most natural and unspoiled regions of Ireland, which is what the founders of Connacht Whiskey have aimed to embody in their Irish distillery. Their dream is to combine the best of what it means to be Irish and American.

Straw boys were traditionally a sign of good luck if they showed up at an Irish wedding to dance with the bride and groom and have a quick drink, and now Connacht Whiskey is bringing back that tradition in the form of their poitin and vodka. Fun and spirited like the original straw boys, Straw Boys Vodka is bottled at 80 proof. It has a rich mouth feel that is luscious, silky, and semi-sweet. Made from wheat and batch distilled in custom-designed copper pot stills in County Mayo, Ireland, it features aromas of gravel, bamboo, tap water and birch beer with a soft, crisp, bone-dry light body and a white tea and menthol finish.

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