There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice refreshing meal during a warm summer day and Simon Gault has just the recipe for you. Simon’s Summer Lemon and Prawn Risotto is light and delectable. With pretty simple ingredients, this meal is perfect for lunch on the terrace with some friends, dinner with the family or a romantic home cooked meal for two. Next time you’re at the grocery store just grab some onions, prawns, Simon Gault Home Cuisine fish stock, parmesan cheese, parsley and of course, don’t forget your Matua white wine!

Risottos sometimes seem intimidating but Simon’s instructions are easy to follow and you’re only 40 minutes away from a delicious meal. You begin to cook this dish like any other risottos – saute the onions, toast the rice – then you will want to add in the Matua white wine of your choice, zest of a lemon and then slowly you’ll add the fish stock. Once everything has been well absorbed into the rice, add the prawns. It took less than 200 words to outline the process so why not give it a shot? And in the end, pour yourself a glass of that white wine and enjoy a taste of summer freshness.

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