Nothing goes better with cola than some good ole reliable Jack. The crowd favorite has loyal drinkers worldwide. Jack Daniel’s wants to celebrate their roots in Lychburg Tennessee and their long withstanding craftsmanship with the public. For this week, and this week only, meander down to 930 Alabama Street in the Mission area of San Francisco for a little southern charm, Jack Daniel’s style.

Jack daniels pop up drink me

The pop-up General Store aims to give fans an inside taste into how Jack Daniel’s is transformed from the early distilling tactics to the final bottling processes. Step on in for a whiskey sensory experience, some traditional goodies commonly seen at Lychburg’s famed Miss Mary Bobo’s eatery, a workshop on the barrel raising process, charcoal-mellowing demo, 7 cent candy, and $5 barbershop haircuts. Learn, live, and breathe everything that plays a role in crafting the final bottled Jack Daniel’s whiskey and transport yourself to Lychburg even if for a couple hours.

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930 Alabama St

San Francisco, CA

Open 11am-7pm (closes at 5pm Wednesday and Saturday)