Mezcals have exploded onto the spirits scene in recent years, and while there is no shortage of high quality mezcals to choose from, understanding of the drink is still limited. When confronted with the questions: “What is mezcal?” the best answer from most people is “It’s like tequila.”  The absence of common knowledge about the spirit and its history is a tragedy. Luckily, a new book from Tom Bullock seeks to change that.

The Mezcal Experience: A Field Guide to the World’s Best Mezcals and Agave Spirits is the ultimate guide to mezcals. In addition to featuring cocktail recipes from acclaimed bartenders and guides to the best mezcalerias, Tom Bullock explores both the historical origins of the drink and how production continues to this day. It’s a wonderful deep dive into what makes mezcal unique—both in the drink itself and the culture surrounding it. Pick up a copy for the spirit hound in your life, or snag a copy for yourself to learn more about the bourgeoning spirit.