Food is about creating special moments and memories around the table. At least that’s what Chef Giulian Jones had in mind when he created Soul Hollywood. This new and innovate LA restaurant is serving Upscale southern fare, while sticking to its southern roots. Chef Giulian comes from a “Blues” household and was raised by a bluegrass musician with a love of good music, and even better food. Taking this mantra with him to the streets of tinsel town, Soul Hollywood plates up dinner and a show, with a series of live concerts, offering diners some of the area’s best Southern/Soul food, with a side of musical culture. Chef Giulian has fed some of the best names in music, and continues to impress visitors with a menu that features small bites like oysters and smoked trout with fennel slaw and a variety of BBQ options of course. Don’t forget the cornbread, a sweet milk medley with charred corn, along with classics like pot pie and fried chicken with all the fixins’.

If you’re not coming for the music or the food you’ll stay for the bar. Soul Hollywood bellys up with a gorgeous full-length bar overlooking Hollywood Blvd. and a delectable, and deliciously southern list of spirits and cocktails, craft beers and a curated wine collection. Signature cocktails include Dixie Punch, made with peach-tea infused Tennessee whiskey, a Creole Margarita blended with premium tequila, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, watermelon juice and firewater tincture with a dash of fresh lime, and the Oazacan Mary which is a fiery concoction composed of Manzanilla Sherry, roasted red tomato juice, hot sauce, celery bitters and jerk seasoning. Think of it as Bloody Mary’s saucy southern cousin. Who would have thought you could get an authentic taste of the south in Hollywood?

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