The Last Drop’s decanter device, Phoebe is a pouring device that’s intelligent as well as stylish. 

The Last Drop Distillers is continuing to work with Harvey & John to develop a version of Phoebe which could make it commercially available. As this is such a new idea, there is a considerable amount of work still to do before Phoebe will be “for sale”. In the meantime, Phoebe will continue to appear at The Last Drop events all over the world. 

The creation of Phoebe was inspired by the idea of a decanter that could be elegant as well as magical, just like The Last Drop spirits. The creation of such a device was created by Harvey & John who moved this idea into reality. The first device created was named ‘Penelope,’ inspired by a fond Jago family anecdote: The co-founder, Tom Jago, used to joke that his wife, Penelope, who never poured him a drink in over 60 years of marriage! Penelope was only shared amongst friends and family but they saw a potential to reinvent the decanter for public use. This idea evolved onto the creation of ‘Phoebe’ which is a smaller, more portable decanter which is easier to transport yet it’s just as graceful as the original, Penelope. 

Harvey & John created Phoebe, which is an intuitive robotic drinks pourer that doesn’t compromise style. Every detail of Phoebe was fine-tuned and handcrafted to the highest quality by expert British Engineers. 

This elegant decanter, Phoebe, works by using a weight sensor to detect the presence of a glass which is followed by a bowing motion causing the spirit to simply travel up the stem and into the glass. The device is linked to an app which calibrates the weight of the glass, enabling the decanter to pour whatever measure is required.

Phoebe enhances the experience by adding an element of theatre to the serving of the spirits. She extends the tasting experience with her slow, graceful bowing motion, offering a moment of reflection and stillness before pouring a perfect serve.