This spherical and statuesque Kemushi Decanter will take your wine around the globe!

Japanese artist Takahide Sano designed this beauty in his studio in Milan, Italy. It will bring an element of splendor to your dining area, kitchen, or bar. It also makes a wonderful gift for a wedding or anniversary, or for someone who enjoys wine and appreciates art and design.

This piece is luxurious and handmade, and will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The best wine deserves the best aeration. The Kemushi decanter will perfectly soften the tannins on your favorite reds for maximum appreciation. The V-shape of the spheres, along with the well-crafted spout, provides a smooth pour every time.

Don’t just hold out for special occasions to use this decanter, or to boldly display it. It really does work to bring out the flavors of your favorite wine, and it is meant to be seen.