The future is here when it comes to digitally-connected, hassle-free, and sustainable (not to mention sparkling clean and stylish) accommodation for busy and discerning travelers—and one can find it at hub by Premier Inn, a new face in contemporary hotel design concepts in the United Kingdom. The hub’s conveniently located Covent Garden location has been a smash hit with guests in the categories of both business and leisure, with over 95% of Trip Advisor reviews being positive and a 90% occupancy rate in a city with no shortage of options when it comes to accommodation.

The latest in technology is ingeniously woven into the hotel’s design and features, including a dedicated app that allows guests to check in within sixty seconds, control the temperature and lighting in their rooms, and even providing a local ‘Explore’ city guide to help navigate throughout the best of London’s attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. The hub at Covent Garden isn’t only innovative with its technological bells and whistles; this eco-friendly option is also a leader in sustainability, operating off of 100% certified renewable energy including hydro, wind, and bio-mass fuel.

The hub at Covent Garden is the only hotel in the United Kingdom to have received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), which is the longest established method of rating buildings’ sustainability in the world. Affordable? Check. Comfortable? Check. Environmentally conscious? Check. Super cool Jetsons-style interactive in-room maps and tablets on which to play Angry Birds at the hotel bar? Oh yeah. Hotel of the future.

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