The Fifth Cup is a liqueur crafted from figs, apricots, dates, almonds and pistachios. Since Righteous Road Craft Spirits uses kosher sugar cane distillate for their two Fifth Cup liqueurs, owner David Hermelin released his liqueur with Kosher certification in 2021. Kosher spirits are often made from kosher, wheat-based distillate, but Hermelin chose macerated fruits and nuts for Fifth Cup.

What also makes this kosher spirit extra special—and rare—is the additional Kosher for Passover certification. Passover is the week-long spring holiday celebrated by many Jews around the world who eschew wheat and most grains to commemorate the exodus from Egypt. Hermelin ensures the special certification for the Fifth Cup Barrel Reserve released in 2022 by purchasing new, American white oak whiskey barrels for aging and by using macerated fruits and nuts instead of wheat for the distillate.

I liked the dulce de luce flavor profile, the round, but not-too-sweet mouthfeel, and warm finish of the Barrel Reserve. The name Fifth Cup refers to the kabbalistic teaching that kindness flows each day through five gates of salvation. This message yields year-round inspiration and thoughtful sipping. Fifth Cup Barrel Reserve is ideal at tables every day, at weekends and holidays of all types. For Jews, the liqueur suits Passover and all Jewish holidays.

Righteous Road also sells several other kosher spirits such as Gibor whiskey liqueur and Righteous Seven liqueur and. Cocktail recipes on the website.

WHO: Righteous Road Craft Distillers

WHAT: Fruit liqueur


  • The Fifth Cup 750 ml $37.99
  • The Fifth Cup Barrel Reserve 375 ml  $36.99

ABV: 30%