The Duppy Share is the Caribbean equivalent of the Scottish Angels’ Share, the portion of distilled whisky that evaporates during maturation.  According to legend, a duppy is a dark Jamaican spirit and master blender that steals the best tots of maturing rum from the surrounding islands.  Founders George and Jess launched the label at Selfridges in 2014, and its popularity quickly spread to venues throughout the UK.

The cask-aged Caribbean Rum is a blend of big, bold, three-year-old, 100% pot still rum from Jamaica’s historic Worthy Park Estate, combined with smooth five-year-old rum from Barbados’s Foursquare Distillery.  The result is an initial burst of tropical fruits flavor, followed by a warm, buttery finish that has a versatile appeal.  It can be used for both classic and contemporary drinks and is available in 20cl and 70cl.

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