You move into a new apartment with all those hand-me-down furnishings, but lack an acceptable display for your fine selections of spirits. You search online and in stores only to find nothing matches your envisioned set up. That is, until, you stumble upon the impeccably modern and swoon worthy design of BDI’s new Corridor Bar (available in Chocolate Stained Walnut and White Oak finishes). What appears to be sleek cabinet and counter piece unveils into a fully functional bar. Concealed behind two louvered doors discloses storage for twelve wine bottles neighboring a wooden stemware rack for wine glasses, adequate accommodation for liquor bottles including in the doors, additional shelving for related commodities, and a black micro-etched glass top provides the perfect counter to create drinks complemented by an easy clean up. Aesthetically pleasing and entirely serviceable, the Corridor Bar is a necessity for the host type individual who wants to serve guests from one area. When not in use, close the cabinets for a PG setting incase your older sister unexpectedly drops the kids off for the evening. You’re just the go to entertainer—enhance your skills with the Corridor Bar.


Available at BDI retailers nationwide