Are you located in London? Do you enjoy cooking but want to enhance your skills in a relaxed yet educational environment? Or, on the contrary, are you someone who dislikes cooking but feels its time to at least learn the basics? Cookery School at Little Portland Street teaches its students how to cook good food with confidence. With an overall theme of sustainable, principle led teaching, Cookery School focuses on demystifying cooking by bringing it all back to the basics of home cooking. All their chosen dishes include high quality, sustainable, and primarily organic ingredients.

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The Cookery School approach stems from the idea that food is simple then adds a modern and imaginative twist on each recipe. They create a fun and informal atmosphere to encourage and build confidence as individuals move their way through the classes. Each class is very hands on with plenty opportunities to ask questions to gain a further understanding of what’s being taught. Don’t worry, you will get to taste the delicious dish you made at the end of the session. You can enroll in specific classes aimed around a specific meal, ingredient, or region or you can choose a series of classes building up your techniques. It’s never too late to go back to school.

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Cookery School London Portland St drink me

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